My first gamebook, The Darkened Son, is now available to play online.

Here is the preface:

You are a rising silent movie star who has appeared in several roles in various productions but has yet to reach the peak of your career, as you have held only supporting roles. You are reading scripts for some new proposals but feel you need a break to recharge your batteries.

This adventure sees you travel from your home in Arkham, USA, to the shores of Merry Old England. You inherited a large house from a distant relative with no heirs. It’s May 1924, and your being between movies makes this diversion seem desirable.

Having only written correspondence from a solicitor, you do not know what awaits you, just that the house is in some disrepair. In any case, it’s worth the trip to see the surroundings of the home, which is located in Exmoor – a part of the world that is worthy of travel in its own right.

Your liner, the Leviathan, departs from New York and will take you to Southampton, a port city on the south coast of England. With some glee, you wonder what England has in store for you!

A printable Character Sheet for this game can be found here: Character Sheet, The Darkened Son.

And the mechanics or rule set is here: Gamebook Rules.

There is no need for registration; go ahead and play. You can save your progress by simply bookmarking the page you are on to come back to later.

I tested it as I went along, but please report any issues by commenting below this post.

And if you enjoy it then please let me know too 🙂

News: there is a print version now available.