Online RPG & Gamebook Dice Roller Version 2

Thanks to some feedback and suggestions from the good folk over on the Fighting Fantasy (and other gamebooks) Facebook page, here is another version.

Click here to open the Dice Roller Version 2.

This time around, you can add roll adjustments and choose from various colours for the dice. There’s also a little animation added to the rolling dice.


You have two dials to the left and right sides and the dice in the middle.

The dial on the left side is for the dice count (so 4 dice as shown above). The dial on the right side is for roll adjustments (+2 here above). Click the +/- buttons to change their values. Adjustments will go to minus too.

The green boxes show the dice count/adjustments values and can be clicked directly to reset the respective dial. Clicking the green dice count box will reset the dial to 1 dice. Clicking the roll adjustment box resets it to zero.

Once you have set up your count and any adjustment, click on any of the dice images to roll the dice type of your choice. They are arranged in sequence from d4 to d100.


Click on the three bars icon to the top left to get a pop-out to change the colours, like so:

Simply click the colour of your choice.


You can switch the dice type visuals to either a dice image or text labels from the side menu too. Click on Die to show dice and Text to show labels.

Online RPG & Gamebook Dice Roller

Here’s a simple RPG dice roller that I made which may come in handy for some.

It’s designed for mobile, really, but it works fine on Desktops or Laptops.

Select the dice type you want to roll by clicking a sides button. Then click on one of the count buttons to roll that number of dice.

Open the RPG Dice Roller.

Moonstruck Games Online RPG Dice Roller.

The First Game

My first game, a Lovecraft & Cthulhu Mythos inspired adventure, sees you travel from your home in Arkham, USA, to the shores of Merry Old England. It’s 1924, and you inherited a large house from a distant relative with no heirs.

Having only had written correspondence from a solicitor, you do not know what awaits you, just that the house is in some state of disrepair. In any case, it’s worth the trip to see the surrounds of the house which is located in Exmoor – a part of the world that is worthy of travel in it’s own regard.

Your liner, the Leviathan, departs from New York and will take you to Plymouth, a port city on the south coast of England. With some glee, you wonder what England has in store for you!